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‘Identify opportunities that support the profitable growth of your business …’

There’s so much more to auditing than just meeting statutory requirements.

At Harrison & Co we’re not just ‘in and out’ of your business once a year to audit it. What we do see is an opportunity to review your financial and management systems. Our expert team will focus on significant issues to your business so you get valuable assessments and recommendations that will truly help you improve your business efficiency and your bottom line.

Naturally, our audit methods are what you would expect from a reputable chartered accountancy firm. But what you can also rely on is a genuine Yorkshire client-friendly approach and the best team – the one with the most appropriate expertise for your business.

Of course, we’ll take you through our audit process so that you know what to expect and when to expect it, keeping you fully informed at all times. But our job doesn’t end there. You can rely on us to keep in touch throughout the year to ensure potential issues are resolved ahead of the audit.

Don’t forget, our impartial and objective audit team is extremely well placed to identify opportunities that support the profitable growth and development of your business!